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Secure Top Trim Brackets


Diagram 2a Centre bracket


Diagram 2b End bracket

Diagram 2

  • Locate the two/three top trim brackets.
  • For the side by side refrigerator kits, one bracket is to be screwed in the top centre of the cabinetry, secure the top bracket with two of the screws (Type A, #8 x 12 Pozi Drive CSK) (see Diagram 2a).
  • For all other kits, the two brackets are to be secured on either side, by two screws which are mounted from the side (see Diagram 2b).
  • Looking at the front of the refrigerator, place the top brackets on top of the wooden cabinetry.
  • Care must be taken to line up the top front edge of the brackets with the leading edge of the cabinetry.

Holes should be drilled in the centre of the slot in the brackets to allow for adjustment. 

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