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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Getting Started

  1. Check that the internal cabinetry dimensions are correct (see Diagram 1a/b).
  2. Unpack the refrigerator as per instructions on carton.
  • Due to the size of the refrigerator(s), it is essential that assembly of the surround kit be undertaken with a minimum of two able- bodied persons.
  • It is important to include adequate venting to the top of the refrigerator, to ensure efficient operation.
  • The installation of the refrigerator(s) can be at floor level as shown in Diagram 1a or installed above the toe kick board as in Diagram 1b.
  • Rollers and feet must be fitted.
  • Refrigerators installed above the toe kit should have a floor base constructed to support the total weight of the loaded refrigerator(s) placed on it.

The placement of the 16mm MDF or plywood under the refrigerator(s) on either installation type is to allow the fitment of the bottom trim that covers it. It is optional. 

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