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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Ice & Water Check Sheet

Details how to flush the water filter, fill the water reservoir, and more.

Flushing the water filter

Once connected to the water supply, run at least 10 L / 10 qt of water through the filter before connecting water line to the fridge.

Check for leaks

After connecting water line to the fridge check that all connections are dry and free of drips. If not, please alert the plumber

Filling the water reservoir

Push a jug against the dispensing pad until water is continuously dispensed (approximately one minute). Dispense at least 3 L / 3 qt of water, stopping intermittently. Failure to do this will result in excessive dripping from your dispenser.

Ice maker

Press and hold 2017-07-11_0934.png , 2017-07-11_0935.png and 2017-07-11_0935_001.png together for 4 seconds then close the door(s). The ice tray will flip. Force another cycle. The ice tray will flip and spill the water into the ice bin. Empty water and replace bin.


Ice tray will flip once refrigerator doors are closed. 


Press the 2017-07-11_0936.png button twice to alternate from the fresh food to the freezer compartment. Turn special functions on and then off.

If for any reason you find a problem when going through this check sheet, consult your 'User Guide' for troubleshooting and 'Customer Care' information.


Please note that once installation is complete a few drips may appear out of the dispenser over the next few days as the remaining trapped air is cleared.

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