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Soft closing door

Soft closing refrigerator door feature (where fitted)

The fresh food compartment of your refrigerator has been fitted with a soft closing door feature. You do not need to push the door fully closed as this feature will automatically close the door from a 45° (approximate) opening angle.

All soft close models

You may notice a little more resistance when opening the door(s) to what you are used to.

The closing speed of the door(s) decelerates at the end of closing. This is to prevent the door(s) from slamming and to ensure your food items are cared for.

The speed of soft closing can depend on:
  • The load stored in the door shelves.
  • The temperature of the fresh food compartment.
  • The ambient temperature.
French door soft close models only

The soft closing feature enables you to shut either the left or right door first.

You may notice that the closing speed of the left hand door is slightly faster than that of the right hand door. This is perfectly normal.    

The freezer drawer is fitted with an additional mechanism to soft close within the last 50 mm (2”).

  • Keep hands and food items clear of the door opening when the gap less than 45° (the soft close activation range).
  • The soft closing feature is located inside the door cavity therefore it is not serviceable by the user.
    If a problem occurs, please contact your Fisher & Paykel Authorised Repairer.
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