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ActiveSmart special features (all models)

Fruit and vegetable bins and humidity control lid

  • The unique humidity control lid functions to seal the bins and provide a humid microclimate to extend the storage times of fruit and vegetables.
  • During times of high humidity the lid also functions to prevent condensation from dripping onto the fruit and vegetable by retaining this moisture in the lid’s specially designed grooves.

Fruit and vegetable bins and humidity slide

  • Each fruit and vegetable bin has an adjustable humidity slide which enables you to choose a fruit or vegetable setting depending on your storage needs.
  • If there is too much water in the bins (due to high humidity), the control can be adjusted towards the setting with fewer drips (fruit setting, fruit setting.png) and/or the water can be wiped dry when required.
  • Remember a small amount of water in the bins is beneficial for fruit and vegetable storage.
  • When storing vegetables; which are ethylene sensitive produce such as lettuce, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, carrots. We recommend using the vegetable setting,vegetable setting.png.
  • When storing fruits which are generally high ethylene producers; such as citrus fruits, stone fruits and some tropical fruits. We recommend using the fruit setting,fruit setting.png .
  • When storing a combination of fruit and vegetable, we recommend adjusting the humidity slide to the centre.
  • Ideally store whole fruits and vegetables without external packaging, if possible, and in separate bins. Separating fruit and vegetables will prevent ethylene-sensitive produce from ripening too quickly, and help extend their storage life.

Humidity control graphic.png
Humidity control graphic

Slim storage drawer (where fitted)

The slim bins at the bottom of the fresh food compartment provide storage space for items that you may want to keep separate from the rest of the refrigerator. These slim storage bins can be used for deli item storage, beverages or for defrosting foods.

slim storage drawer.png
Slim storage drawer

Bottle holder (where fitted)

  • The bottle holders can be used to store a variety of bottles.
  • To position the bottle holder in your refrigerator, simply slot the back edge of the bottle holder onto the back trim of any shelf in the fresh food compartment.
  • If you are not using all or some of the bottle holders, the unused bottle holders can be stacked up on top of one another so they do not take up unnecessary shelf space.
  • Bottles are best stored with the neck of the beverage facing the front of the refrigerator.
  • Additional bottle holders are available through Customer Care or online at (this service is available to selected markets only).

Glass shelves

  • Glass shelves can be repositioned in the cabinet as desired.
  • Remove shelves by lifting up the back of the shelf and then pulling the shelf forward.

Drip tray (Ice & Water models only)

  • The drip tray is designed to fit into the bottom of the water dispenser panel.
  • To insert the tray always ensure that the rounded sides are fitted into the dispenser panel first.
  • The purpose of the tray is to capture any odd drips of water that may fall after dispensing.
  • The tray can be easily removed for cleaning.

drip tray.png
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