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Ice Clumping Together


Possible Cause What to Do

Old water in bin

Remember to check there is no water in the bin before adding ice.

Old ice in bin

Throw ice away, dry the bin, and start again.

Low water pressure Check water pressure.
Filter blocked Replace filter cartridge, see ‘Water filter’ section in your User Guide.
Faulty Part in Ice Tray There may be a faulty part in the ice tray, You will need a Service Technician to assist with this - Click here to schedule a visit.
  • Long freezer door openings.  
  • High ambient  temperature.  
  • Ice bin left out of freezer compartment for a length of time.  
  • Ice will stick together over time.
Gently tap ice with scoop to unstick or, if large clumps occur, empty ice bin and make new ice.

Temperature control – freezer

Try lowering the temperature of the freezer section using the internal control panel in the front of the fridge section.

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