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Thank you for buying a Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart™ refrigerator. At Fisher & Paykel we are very proud of this refrigerator.

This refrigerator combines size and storage space with the latest features and functions.

Thousands of hours of food care research and refrigeration experience has been programmed into your refrigerator to give you the best possible performance. We hope you enjoy your new refrigerator.

Introduction_French Door.PNG

Refrigerator French door and freezer drawer

Introduction_Freezer Drawer.PNG

Refrigerator door and freezer drawer


Refrigerator door and freezer door

Note-Icon.png Automatic Ice and non-Ice & Water models do not have an external water dispenser.

ActiveSmart™ refrigerators have two handle options, shown below.

Introduction_Designer Handles.PNG

Designer handles

Introduction_Pocket Handles.PNG

Pocket handles





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