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Installing Your New Refrigerator



Important-Icon.png Correct installation of this refrigerator in your home is critical to its performance.

Your Fisher & Paykel Active Smart™ refrigerator is fitted with front and rear rollers, designed for moving the product in the forwards and backwards direction.

Avoid moving the product in a sideways direction as this may damage the rollers or the floor covering/surface.

Ensure all packaging has been removed from the front, back and sides of the product.


  1. Your refrigerator will arrive with the front feet wound up making moving the product into its final location a simple task.
Installing #1.PNG
  1. Roll the refrigerator into its final position making sure there is the correct air gap between the product and surrounding cabinetry.
Installing #2.PNG
  1. Adjust the front feet down until the refrigerator is leaning backward approx 10 mm. This will ensure a good door closing action. 


Installing #3.PNG
  1. Aligning your refrigerator with cabinetry.
    • Align the sides of the refrigerator with the cabinetry by adjusting the hinge side front foot.
    • Adjust the handle side foot until it touches the floor and takes a small amount of weight.
    • Once the refrigerator is in place and aligned with cupboards/alcove push gently on the front top and check if the product is rocking or stable.

If the product is rocking there may be an uneven floor or slightly out of square construction of cabinetry. (See “What to do if your new refrigerator is unstable when installed.”)

Align the sides of the refrigerator with the cabinetry by adjusting the hinge side front foot (for RF610A, RF540A, RF201A models use right hand foot first then the left hand side foot to align refrigerator with cabinetry). 

Installing #4.PNG




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