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ActiveSmart Special Features



Control Panel - Refrigerator


As Special Features_Control Panel Ref.PNG


1 Compartment Allows you to unlock the control panel and enable compartment selection. Press for 4 seconds to activate your appliance for the first time. The control panel will automatically lock when inactive for more than 10 seconds or when the door is closed. To unlock, press for 2 seconds.
2 Compartment lights Lights illuminate to show which compartment is selected.
3 Food Mode Allows you to select the food mode for the selected compartment.
4 Food Mode lights Lights illuminate to show which food mode is selected.
5 WiFi WiFi.PNG Illuminates to show wireless remote mode is enabled. Visit for further details on using this feature.
Sabbath mode Sabbath_Mode_Small.PNG IIluminates to indicate that Sabbath mode is activated.
Key lock Single_PadLock.JPG  Illuminates to indicate that the keys on the control panel are locked. When the door is closed the display is automatically locked.
6 Digital display

Displays the set temperature of the compartments. To change between Celsius and Fahrenheit on the display:

  • Press Plus_Higher Button.PNG and Forward Button.JPG together for 4 seconds.
7 Colder Warmer Allows you to adjust the temperature of the selected compartment.
8 max Cool.PNG Max Cool Boosts the cooling speed of your refrigerator by dropping the refrigerator to its coldest temperature for a set time, dependent on the food mode in use.
9 Alarm Mute This button has a dual function — it allows you to deactivate door alarms for 20 minutes and/or mute key tones on the control panel.


Variable Temperature Zones

Separate food modes, in both fridge and freezer, allow you adjust the temperature independently for optimal storage.

Refrigerator Food modes Types of food to store
Pantry (12°C/54°F) ‘Pantry’ mode provides a cool, dark place for a wide variety of foods that perish quickly or may spoil at room temperature, but are too sensitive to be stored at normal refrigerator temperatures.
  • Bananas, avocados, tomatoes.
  • Dry food items such as grains, flours, sugars, crackers, cereal, baked goods, tortillas, wraps and breads.
  • Spreads, preserves, honey, tropical fruits, nuts and seeds, chocolate and fresh herbs.
  • Wine.
Fridge (3°C/38°F) The ideal mode for fresh, everyday foods. This mode offers a higher relative humidity than many other refrigerators allowing fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables, meats and cheeses to stay fresher for longer.
  • Fruit and vegetables, dairy products, jams and chutneys/ preserves, meats and drinks.
Chill (-0.5°C/31°F) ‘Chill’ mode is an extension of ‘Fridge’ mode, providing the perfect storage zone for highly perishable food to ensure they retain their vital freshness and quality. These items will last slightly longer here compared with storage at ‘Fridge’ mode. Note: Ensure these highly perishable items are consumed within their recommended storage times.
  • Highly perishable meats, poultry and seafood.
  • Alcoholic beverages such as beer.


Freezer Food modes Types of food to store
Soft Freeze (-9°C/16°F) ‘Soft Freeze’ mode is an extension of your refrigerator, extending the shelf life of perishable items while maintaining the quality. ‘Soft Freeze’ mode allows easy portioning of food and the ability to heat, cook or serve foods straight from the compartment without waiting for it to thaw.
  • Meats, seafood, soups, sauces, pureed foods, bread, desserts and pastries.
‘Soft Freeze’ mode is not recommended for storage of creamy desserts such as ice cream.
Freezer (-18°C/-1°F) ‘Freezer’ mode is for general frozen food items that require storage between 1 – 12 months.
  • Meat, poultry, seafood, pre-cooked foods and leftovers, some fruits and vegetable, ice cream, and other frozen desserts.
Deep Freeze (-25°C/-13°F) ‘Deep Freeze’ mode is for frozen food items that may need to be stored for longer periods. ‘Deep Freeze’ extends the shelf life of general frozen items by up to 6 months longer than that of ‘Freezer’ mode.
  • General frozen food that is required to be stored for extended times — eg larger cuts of meat.

Not all combinations of food modes are available in all compartments. If a food mode is not available, it will not be selectable on the control panel.


max Cool.PNG Max Cool

Boosts the cooling speed of your refrigerator by dropping the refrigerator to its coldest temperature for a set time, dependent on the food mode in use. We recommend using ‘Max Cool’ or ‘Fast Freeze’ when you are adding food items to your appliance, such as after grocery shopping. This feature will ensure the food is chilled/frozen within the shortest period of time, locking in the freshness and extending the shelf life of your food.


Fast Freeze

Boosts the freezing speed by dropping the freezer to its coldest temperature for a set time dependent on the food mode in use. Offered on ‘Soft Freeze’ and ‘Freezer’ modes.


Bottle Chill

This feature allows you to rapidly chill your beverage for a set time depending on your chosen food mode.



Turns on your automatic ice. This feature is only available in the lower compartment.


Ice Boost*

Increases ice production by up to 30%, and deactivates automatically after 24 hours.


* This feature is not available if the compartment is set to ‘Soft Freeze’. If ice making is turned on and the food mode is changed to ‘Soft Freeze’ any ice that is already in the ice bin may melt and form clumps. To avoid this either remove the ice or use a different compartment for ‘Soft Freeze’.




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