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Toekick Installation



Miscellaneous Components

Air Toe Kick Seal.PNG

Air toe kick seal (1)


Toe Kick Install kit

Toe Kick.PNG

Toe kick (1)


Two magnets are pre-installed to the bottom corners of the toe kick mounting plate. Each magnet has double-sided tape to be attached to the toe kick. This allows both Stainless steel and Custom panels to be attached to the magnet.


Install the Toe Kick Mounting Plate and Toe Kick

  1. Reattach the toe kick mounting plate (A) to the plinth with 8x16mm cross-head screws.
    • If the toe kick depth is less than 3 5/8 in (92mm), attach an air toe kick seal (B) to the middle of the back side of the mounting plate (C).
Toekick Install A_C.PNG
  1. Peel off the adhesive tape backing of the magnets located at the front bottom corners of the toe kick mounting plate (D).
Toekick Install D.PNG
  1. Place the toe kick in front of the mounting plate. Ensure that the spacers at the back of the toe kick are aligned with the magnets (E).
    • For custom toe kick, skip step 4 as spacers are not needed.
  2. Attach the toe kick by pressing onto the mounting plate (F).
    • For stainless steel: Ensure the adhesive tape of the magnets adhere to the spacers of the toe kick.
    • Ensure the bottom of the toe kick contacts the floor as you attach to the mounting plate.
Toekick Install E_F.PNG


  • For toe kick heights 114–127mm, shorten the lower grille by cutting along the vertical ribs.
  • For 51mm toe kick height, an additional lower grille can be ordered.
  • For toe kick heights greater than 127mm, lower grille is not required.
  • Refer to ‘Door and toe kick panel dimensions’ for more information.


Toe Kick Grilles

Top Grille_Fixed.PNG

Top (fixed) grille (1x)

Bottom Toe Kick Grille.PNG

Bottom (movable) grille (1x)



Cross Head Screwdriver.PNG

Cross-head screwdriver​​​​​​​




Adjusting the Toe Kick Grille

  1. Loosen the cap screws of the adjustment brackets from both sides of the plinth using a hex key (A).
  2. Adjust the toe kick to the desired depth by moving it forward/ backward (B).
  3. Re-tighten the cap screws of the adjustment brackets on both sides using the hex key

Adjusting Toekick Grille.PNG


Attach the Top and Bottom Grilles

  1. Reinstall the top (fixed) grille (C) using the same screws set aside previously, and reattach the cover (D) to the bottom hinge pocket.

Attach Top&Bottom Grilles_C_D.PNG

  1. Reinstall the bottom (movable) grille (E) to the mounting plate.

Attach Top&Bottom Grilles_E.PNG


  • For toe kick heights 114 – 127mm, shorten the bottom grille by cutting along the vertical ribs (F). 

Attach Top&Bottom Grilles_F.PNG

Toe kick and toe kick grille complete installation




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