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Storing food in your refrigerator

There are recommended storage areas for various foods. As cold air circulates inside the refrigerator, there is a temperature difference within both the fresh food and freezer compartments. Different foods should be placed in different areas according to their properties.

  1. Top door shelf — Eggs, butter, cheese etc
  2. Middle door shelf — Drinks etc
  3. Lower door shelf — Sauces, dressings etc
  4. Top shelf — Condiments, jam etc
  5. Middle shelf — Dairy products, leftovers etc
  6. Lower shelf — Meat etc
  7. Fruit and vegetable bin — Fresh fruit and vegetables
  8. Variable-temperature drawer — Fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products, deli items, meat, desserts etc

 Recommended storage areas for food and beverages.png

Recommended storage areas for food and beverages

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