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Front Feet, Fitting Kickstrips and Covers

To fully install font feet, kickstrips, and covers, stabilise the product, lower the front feet, and turn clockwise to lower feet. Afterwards Kickstrip filter, Kickstrip grille, Remove any remaining protective film on all door panels, and then conceal.

1. To stabilise the product, lower the front feet. Turn clockwise to lower feet.
Repeat on the opposite side.


2. Kickstrip filter
Remove filter from inside the product. Fit the filter onto the rails and push to the rear until it clips securely.2017-08-04_0938-fixed.png
3. Kickstrip grille
Align grille onto securing hooks. Push grille firmly onto product until it clips securely.


4. Remove any remaining protective film on all door panels.

5. Conceal the outer top studs using top covers. Firmly push top cover over top door studs.
Repeat x1 each French door and x2 Drawer
6. Conceal the side studs using side covers. Firmly push side cover over side studs.
Repeat x4 each French door and x2 Drawer

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