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Hanging Door Panels

Details the process of hanging door panels.
  1. Secure top studs into the refrigerator doors, ensure the open end faces the top.
    Repeat on all refrigerator doors.


  1. Secure side screws mid-way into the refrigerator doors x4 for each French door and x2 drawer.
    Repeat on all refrigerator doors.


  1. Hang door panel onto the top studs and align the side bracket forks onto the refrigerator door. Ensure the forks are positioned in the body of the side screw.

  1. Door panels have full axis adjustment to ensure they are flush with adjacent walls, or until satisfactory. To adjust the height of the panels turn clockwise to raise stud or counter-clockwise to lower stud.


  1. Once satisfied, secure top door studs with M8 washer and M8 nut. The top of the stud must remain below the top face of the door panel.



  1. Secure side bracket forks by tightening side studs.
    Repeat this process for all other non-Ice & Water panels.

(Ice & water models only) 

  1. Remove the external display module from inside the product. Thread the display harness through the door panel cavity. Ensure the grommet is engaged.

  2. Angle top display tabs into the door panel. Ensure the harness is free of pinching. Firmly push against bottom display tabs and insert into the door panel until you feel it clip securely. Ensure the display is flush with the door panel.


  1. Remove water tube from holder on the refrigerator door.
  2. Hang door panel onto the top studs. Ensure the panel is free to pivot for water connections.


  1. Connect display harness onto the refrigerator door by inserting firmly until you feel it clip securely.

  2. Enable the dispenser lock to prevent any water from dispensing during water connection. To lock, press the 2017-08-02_1247.png button for 4 seconds. The LED above the button will illuminate.


  1. Firmly push the water tube into the spigot behind the door panel until the marked line is not visible. Ensure water tube is routed away from any sharp objects, sharp corners (beware of kinking the tube as this will stop water flow), and not in a location where it can be kinked or squashed when door panel is secured. Secure door panel following the instructions on the previous page.

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