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Installation instructions

Please read this instruction manual carefully in order to obtain the best results from the use of the wall canopy.


Rangehood (1)

Installation instructions User guide manual (1)

Screw M6 x 40 mm (incl. washer) (4)
Handle (1)

carbon filter.png
Carbon filters (2)

Screw 3 x 12 mm (6)
ducting adapter.png
Ducting adapter – top extraction (1)

Ducting adapter – rear extraction (1)

duct hole.png
Duct hole covers (2)
spacer rear.png
Spacer Rear (2)

spacer lateral.png
Spacer Lateral (2)

product dimensions.png

Product Dimensions

(HS60LRX4, HS90X4, HS60XW4, and HS60LXW4)

Property (mm) HS60LRX4 HS90X4 HS60XW4 HS60LXW4

A.  Overall height of product

180 180 180 180
B. Overall width of product 598 898 598 598
C. Overall depth of chassis 280 280 280 280
D. Overall depth of chassis (fully extended) 460 460 460 460
E. Height of handle 70 40 40 40
F. Installed chassis height 140 140 140 140
Power cord length 1500 1500 1500 1500

Height of rangehood

Please read the entire instructions BEFORE installing the rangehood.

  • Ascertain the desired installation height of the rangehood.
  • When installing the rangehood, the lower edge of the unit must be a minimum of 600 mm above electric cooktop surface; 650 mm above gas cooktop cooking surface; and up to a maximum of 750 mm.
  • Any installation above 750 mm will compromise the extraction performance.



Panel heights

Minimum Clearances

Recirculated (HS60LRX4 and HS60LXW4) &
Ducted (HS60XW4, HS60LXW4, and HS90X4)

Property (mm) Recirculated Ducted

A.  Height (top of cooktop to base of rangehood)
Electric cooktop
Gas cooktop

min. 600 – max. 750
min.650 – max. 750

min. 600 – max. 750
min.650 – max. 750

B.  Height (top of cooktop to base of shelf where rangehood is attached)
Electric cooktop
Gas cooktop


min. 781 – max. 931
min. 831 – max. 931


min. 781 – max. 931
min. 831 – max. 931

C.  Depth of installation (cabinet cavity)

min. 283


min. 283

D. Height of installation (cabinet cavity) max. 108 max. 138

Venting options

Attention should be given to ensure that any applicable regulations concerning the discharge of exhaust air are fulfilled.


We recommend rangehoods be vented outside, recirculating installation is recommended only when vented installation is not possible. For optimal efficiency, use smooth-walled ducting. Flexible ducting should only be used as last resort; it may reduce performance and increase noise.

  • We recommend to use top extraction for venting.

  • Top extraction (125 mm round ducting) and rear extraction (100 mm round ducting) can be used in conjunction with this model.







Recirculating installation is recommended only when vented installation is not possible.

  • HS60LRX4 is designed for front recirculating installations only.

  • HS60LXW4 can be installed in front recirculating, or can be ducted.

    Accessories are required.

  • HS60XW4 and HS90X4 can be installed to recirculate through cabinetry with ducting, or ducted outside.

Ducting through roof.png
Ducting through roof

Ducting through cavity to side.png

Ducting through cavity to side


Front Recirculating.png
Front Recirculating*


* In recirculating mode you must use carbon filters to eliminate cooking smells and tall handle (70 mm).


Failure to install the screws or fixing device in accordance with these instructions may result in electrical hazards.

Fig.1 Preparing for install


1. Preparing the rangehood for installation:

  • Before commencement, unpack the rangehood and check that it functions correctly.

  • Ensure the overhead cabinets are built according to the minimum clearances table on 'Installation instructions'.

  • Before drilling any holes, check that the area behind the surface to be drilled is clear of any electrical cables or pipes etc.

Ducted installation

(HS60LXW4, HS60XW4, HS90X4)
If the rangehood is to be installed as a ducted hood:

  • Do not remove cover tape (A), See Fig.1. This is removed for recirculating only.
  • Place adaptor in top extraction.
  • Place cover on rear extraction.
  • Front Recirculating installation

(HS60LXW4, HS60LRX4)
If the rangehood is to be installed as a recirculating hood:

  • Remove cover tape (A), see Fig.1.
  • Place covers on rear and top extraction.
  • Install carbon filters see 'Cleaning and maintenance'.
  • Assemble tall handle (70 mm)

fig. 2.png
Fig. 2 Mounting to underside of cabinetry



Fig. 3 Spacer Lateral

2. Mounting the rangehood

Mounting to underside of cupboard

Fix the rangehood to a shelf mounted
at the right height in your wall units, by drilling 4 holes, 7 mm in diameter, (see Fig.2) and fixing with the 4 screws supplied. When installing the rangehood the space between the product and the wall shall be covered with the adjustable lateral and rear spacer supplied (Fig.3 and Fig.4).

Fig.4 Spacer Rear
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