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Installation Instructions




Venting directly into the cabinet with no vent is not permitted.

  • This appliance is heavy and requires two persons for unpacking and installation.
  • Installation work and electrical wiring must be done by qualified person(s) in accordance with all applicable codes and standards.
  • Failure to install the screws or fixing device in accordance with these instructions may result in electrical hazards
  • When cutting or drilling into wall or ceiling, do not damage electrical wiring and otherhidden utilities.
  • Wear gloves to protect against sharp edges.
  • The manufacturer is not liable for any damage caused by not following these instructions.


Before You Start Installation

  • Ensure you have read the ‘Installation preparation’ section of this guide.
  • Unpack the rangehood.
  • Ensure the voltage (V) and the frequency (Hz) indicated on the serial plate match the voltage and frequency of the installation site.
  • Check all functions of the rangehood are working.
  • Check that the area above and behind the installation surface is clear of any electrical cables or pipes and there is proper clearance for the ducting etc.
  • The rangehood surfaces can be damaged during installation if grazed or knocked by tools.  Please take care to protect the surfaces during installation.
  • Remove protective wrappings that will not be accessible after installation.
  • Protect the cooktop to prevent damage occurring whilst the rangehood is being installed above.
  • The wall or cabinet used for mounting the rangehood should have sufficient strength and a flat surface.


  1. Ensure the cabinetry has the required cutout for insertion of the rangehood. Refer to the ‘Cabinetry cutout dimensions’ section of this installation book.
  2. If you are using a duct adaptor this must be installed to the rangehood prior to the rangehood being mounted. Please refer to ‘Duct adaptor assembly’ for details on how to install your duct adaptor.
  3. Ensure the mounting brackets are set to the correct position for installation by checking the top of the foot lines up with the notches (refer to C).

Adjusting the mounting bracket up or down from this position prior to installation could cause the rangehood to be difficult to install and/or damage the cabinetry.

  1. Lift the rangehood into the opening until the spring loaded mounting brackets click into place and support the weight of the rangehood (refer D). For larger size rangehoods this will require two people.

Depending on the cabinetry base panel thickness the rangehood will be protruding below the cabinetry until tightened.

  1. Secure the rangehood into the cabinetry by tightening each of the mounting brackets in a counterclockwise direction (refer to E). Tighten each bracket in succession around the rangehood to close the gap incrementally for each bracket.
  2. Plug the supplied power cord into the rangehood and wall socket (refer to F)
  3. Complete the installation
  • Install the filters as described in the ‘Cleaning and maintenance’ section of your User guide.
  • Remove all protective wrapping from rangehood.
  • Turn the power on at control panel.
  • Check the operation of the rangehood as described in the ‘Operating instructions’ section of your User guide. 
  • Refer to F for an image of a completed installation.
Install Instrucr_C.PNG

Install Instrucr_D.PNG

Note-Icon.png The rangehood must be installed with the control panel on the right.
Install Instrucr_E.PNG Install Instrucr_F.PNG





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