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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Cleaning & Maintenance



  • Before servicing or cleaning your rangehood, switch the power off at the control panel and disconnect the power to prevent power from being switched on accidentally.
  • Allow the appliance to cool after the power has been turned off before servicing.
  • There is a risk of fire if cleaning is not carried out in accordance with these instructions.

Wear gloves to protect against sharp edges.

Clean your rangehood regularly to avoid the build-up of grease. Grease deposits are corrosive and may damage the rangehood. Use warm water with a mild liquid detergent and a clean soft cloth to wipe down all surfaces of the rangehood.


Do NOT use the following to clean your rangehood, they will damage and/or discolour the surfaces:

  • Corrosive chemicals.
  • Abrasive cleaning products.
  • Citrus-based cleaning products.
  • Hard brushes and steel wool.
Note-Icon.png In areas of high humidity or coastal environments, cleaning should be carried out more frequently.


Filter Cleaning


The filters can cause damage and/or injury if dropped. Ensure you use both hands to remove and replace the filters.


 To Remove the Filters:

  1. Use the handles to hold the filter (refer to A).
  2. Pull the filter toward you, pushing against the springs to release the back of the filter from the rangehood (refer to B).
  3. Lower the back of the filter and remove from the front of the rangehood (refer to C).
Cleaning_Remove Filters_A.PNG
Cleaning_Remove Filters_B.PNG Cleaning_Remove Filters_C.PNG


Clean the filters at least once a month. Filters may need to be cleaned more frequently depending on the cooking methods used and frequency of use. The clean filter reminder will illuminate to remind you to clean the filters.

To Clean Your Filters:

  • Remove the filters with both hands.
  • Wash with a mild liquid detergent and hot water or in the dishwasher. If washed in the dishwasher, the filters should be placed in an upright position.
  • After cleaning and drying, refit the filters.
Note-Icon.png Do NOT operate the rangehood without the filters in place. The filters help prevent damage to the inside of the rangehood.


To Replace The Filters:

  • Place the front end of the filter on the ledge above the LED strip, against the inside front of the rangehood (refer to D), pull the filter toward you and push the back up into the rangehood (refer to E) until it firmly seats into place.


Cleaning_Replace Filters_1.PNG Cleaning_Replace Filters_2.PNG
Cleaning_Replace Filters_3.PNG Cleaning_Replace Filters_4.PNG


Replacing The LED Lights

To replace the LED lights please contact your Fisher & Paykel trained and supported service technician. Refer to or your separate service and warranty book provided with your rangehood for contact details.




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