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This rangehood should be turned on for a few minutes before cooking in order to establish air currents upward through the rangehood. This will also enable hot air removal from your kitchen and keep the rangehood surface cool. When heat, smoke, moisture, grease and cooking odours are produced, they will be carried outside instead of drifting into other rooms.

Use the low fan speeds for normal use and the higher fan speeds for high heat, strong odours or fumes.

Rangehood Width

  • The rangehood width is recommended to be no less than the width of the cooktop.
  •  A wider rangehood can be used to increase the capture area if space is not restricted.
  • The rangehood should ideally be centred above the cooktop for proper performance.

Induction Cooking Considerations

Induction cooktops use energy efficient technology that only heats the contents of a cooking pot. Unlike gas or traditional electric cooktops, the surrounding air does not get heated when using an induction cooktop. As a result, rangehood filters, splashbacks and surrounding cabinetry do not get warmed up, increasing the likelihood of condensation on these cooler surfaces. Other factors like ambient temperature, humidity, natural ventilation of the room, size of the cookware and how the induction cooktop is being used also influence condensation.
For example, rapid boiling on high cooktop heat settings like PowerBoost increases the rate at which water is evaporated, increasing the likelihood of condensation. It is important to understand that neither the rangehood nor the induction cooktop are faulty as a result of this phenomenon.

Condensation Can Be Minimised By:

  • Installing the rangehood at the maximum height above the cooktop.
  • Using the rangehood on a lower speed setting when boiling.
  • Using the induction cooktop on a lower heat setting when boiling.
  • Switching the rangehood on 5 minutes before cooking and letting it run for at least 5 minutes after cooking. Refer to the ‘Delayed shut off’ section for details on how to use the timed shut off feature of this rangehood.


Gas Cooking Considerations

Using a powerful gas cooktop or multiple gas burners operating at the same time can cause the rangehood surfaces to become hot. This effect can be reduced by:

  • Using the maximum speed setting to enable hot air to be extracted quickly.
  • Installing the rangehood at the maximum recommended height.

Consult the cooktop installation and user guide for details on the installation height of the rangehood.




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