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  • Please read this manual carefully, and keep it after installation for future reference.
  • Keep all packing materials (box and straps) until the unit has been inspected.
  • Inspect the product to check there is no shipping damage. If any damage is detected contact the dealer or retailer you bought the product from to report the damage. 
  • Fisher & Paykel is not responsible for shipping damage.
Prod Info_User Guide.PNG Prod Info_Rangehood.PNG Prod Info_Filters.PNG
User guide & Installation guide Rangehood Filters
HPB60 (2)
HPB75 (2)
HPB90 (3)
HPB120 (4)
Prod Info_Duct Adaptor.PNG Prod Info_Remote Control.PNG Prod Info_Powercord.PNG
Duct adapter including 8mm T20 drive screws (4) (Selected models)
HPB9048-2 & HPB12048-2 have a 250mm outlet.
Remote control
(selected models)


Other Required Materials & Tools:

  • Metal ducting
  • Aluminium tape (DO NOT use duct tape)
  • T20 head screw driver
  • Back draft damper(s) if desired

Optional Accessories

Prod Info_Opt Access.PNG
Remote control kit – Remote control (1),
Wireless receiver (1)


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The models shown in this installation guide may not be available in all markets and are subject to change at any time. For current details about model and specification availability in your country, please go to our website or contact your local Fisher & Paykel dealer.




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