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Microwave plus heat circulation cooking guide

Use a microwave-safe, heat-resistant dish, earthenware for preference (fewer splashes than with a glass dish).
Where possible, cook roasts without barding fat to reduce smoke and grease splashes.
After cooking, season the roast, wrap it in aluminium foil and let it rest for 10 minutes. The roast will be juicier.

Food Qty Programming the M-W + Circulatin Heat function Cooking time (min) Recommendations Insert at level 2
Lamb shoulder on bone 1300 g MW + 200°C 32-37 In the glass tray
Entrecôte 800 g MW + 200°C 23-28 In a dish, on the rack
Chicken, guinea fowl 1200 g MW + 200°C 35-40 In a dish, on the rack 1, level 1
Roast turkey 800 g MW + 180°C 32-37 In a dish, on the rack
Roast pork 1200 g MW + 180°C 47-52 In a dish, on the rack
Roast veal 1000 g MW + 180°C 37-42 In a dish, on the rack
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