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Microwave plus heat circulation function

The cooking by microwave and heat circulation function saves you a lot of time. The cooking temperature can be adjusted in increments of 10°C, from 50°C to 250°C and you set the cooking time.

Programming the MW + Heat Circulation function Display
  • Select the MW + HEAT CIRCULATION function
  • The corresponding display lights up.
  • Press the temp.png button; 200°C flashes in the display.
  • Adjust the programme temperature using the + and - buttons, e.g. 210°C.
  • Confirm by pressing start.png.
  • Press time.png to set the cooking time.
  • The cooking time digits start flashing in the display. Press the + and - buttons, e.g. 40 minutes.
  • Confirm by pressing start.png twice.
  • The oven switches on and the programme begins.

For cooking with a delayed start:

  • After setting the cooking time, confirm by pressing start.png, then press time.png twice and then use + and - to set the desired end of cooking time, e.g. 13:50 hrs.
  • Confirm by pressing start.png twice.
  • The oven will switch on at the required time.





The cooking time may be adjusted at any time simply by pressing time-fixed.png and the + and - buttons.

The temperature rise indicator is active until the programmed temperature is reached. A beep sounds to indicate that the programmed temperature has been reached and the “°C” symbol stops flashing.


Never preheat your oven in the Heat Circulation plus Microwave mode, as this could damage the appliance.

When using the oven in the combined heat circulation + micro-wave mode, do not use metal cookware.

Cooking on two levels:

To simultaneously cook an 800 g veal roast and 800 g of potatoes au gratin, set the appliance as follows: 55 minutes at 170°C. We recommend that you place the potatoes on the turntable and the veal roast on the drip tray positioned on level 3.

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