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Heat circulation function

The heat circulation function lets you cook and brown foods like in a traditional oven.

Programming the Heat Circulation function Display
  • The corresponding display lights up and shows 200°C.
  • Press the button  to set the temperature,
  • using the + and - buttons, e.g. 210°C, then confirm by pressing

For immediate cooking:

  • Press  then the + and - buttons to set the cooking time, e.g. 30 minutes. Confirm by pressing  twice. The oven switches on and the programme begins.

For cooking with a delayed start:

  • After setting the cooking time, confirm with  and then press  twice, then use + and - to set the desired end of cooking time, e.g. 13:50 hrs.
  • Confirm by pressing .
  • The oven will switch on at the required time.

The cooking time may be adjusted at any time simply by pressing  and the + and - buttons. The temperature rise indicator is active until the programmed temperature is reached. You can preheat your microwave oven for a heat circulation cooking programme just as you would a traditional oven.


  • The cooking temperature can be adjusted in increments of 10°C, from 50°C to 250°C.
  • The cooking time ranges from 0 to 599 minutes (9 h 59 min) . It is preferable to enter a minimum time and then to add time if necessary; keep an eye on the color of the food.
  • Always insert the accessories (rack or glass tray) at level 1 or 2. This will ensure better heat distribution and optimum cooking results.
  • Use cookware designed to withstand high temperatures.
  • Protect your hands when you remove the dish because it may be very hot.
  • If you want to defrost food after using the heat circulation function, we recommend that you let your oven cool down for 10 minutes first; this will give you better results.

Cooking on two levels

  • To cook two apples tarts at the same time, 1 hour at 200°C. We recommend preparing the first tart in the glass drip tray inserted at level 1 and the second in a tart dish on the shelf inserted at level 3. Change the position of the two dishes half-way through cooking. 
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