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The Grill function

This function lets you cook and brown foods such as gratinated dishes and meats.


When using the grill, you must protect your hands when removing dishes and use heat-resistant cookware, such as Pyrex or ceramic. There are two grill functions: Medium and high and three levels for each function: -1- 2- 3-.
As a general rule, it is recommended that you use level -3- to grill meats and fish and the levels -1- and -2- with the GRILL FUNCTION (medium or high) plus MICROWAVE mode to brown or crisp more delicate food. Insert the rack based on the height of the cookware or the food.

Programming the GRILL function Display
  • Press i.png and then the + button until you reach grill, e.g. Medium grill. The grill display lights. Press the temp.png button then select level -1 -2 or -3 using the + and - buttons.
  • Press time.png, the time figures start to flash in the display.
  • Press the + and - buttons to adjust the programme time, e.g. 10 minutes.
  • Confirm by pressing start.png twice.
  • The oven switches on and the programme begins.

For cooking with a delayed start:

  • After setting the cooking time, confirm with start.png and press time.png twice and then + and - to set the desired end of cooking time, e.g. 13:50 hr
  • Confirm by pressing start.png. The oven will switch on at the required time.




the cooking time may be adjusted at any time by simply pressing the time-fixed.png and + and - buttons

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