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Using your microwave oven to defrost frozen vegetables lets you save a lot of time. To defrost food, use the DEFROST function, set to a power level of 200W.


Small cuts of meat or fish can be cooked immediately after defrosting. Larger cuts, such as meat joints or whole fish will still be slightly frozen at the end of the defrost programme. We recommend that you let them sit for at least as long a time as they spent in the defrost programme, so that they reach an even temperature.

Foods covered with ice crystals will take longer to defrost. In this case, you can increase the defrost time.


The defrost time depends on the type of appliance. It also depends on the shape, size, initial temperature and quality of the food.
In most cases, food should be removed from its packaging. Remember to remove any metal staples from packaging.

Halfway through the defrost time, the pieces should be turned over, stirred and then separated if they were frozen together.

If you defrost large pieces of meat or fish that prevent the rotation of the turntable, use the Stop Turntable function. If that case, remember to stir food regularly.

Defrost meat and fish by placing it on an upside-down saucer placed on top of a plate. This will allow juices to flow out. If they remain in contact with the food, it will overheat.
Never refreeze food, unless it has been cooked.

Length of defrost programmes

The times for defrosting programmes are based on food frozen at -18°C. This gives you an indication of the required defrosting time, but the actual time can vary, depending on the thickness, shape, size and packaging of the food.

Choosing a programme:

The following automatic defrosting programmes are available

d1  Corresponds to 200W (defrosting power level). Choose d1 if you want to defrost food or quantities not covered by programmes d2, d3 or d4. Programme the desired defrosting time. Please refer to the following table for suggested defrosting times.

d2  Defrosting meat, poultry, fish and vegetables.

d3  Defrosting bread

d4  Defrosting cooked dishes

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