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Automatic cooking

With the “Cooking Guide” function, the cooking time and mode are programmed automatically based on the food type and weight. Twelve automatic cooking settings are available via the “Cooking Guide”.

P01 Refrigerated ready meals
P02 Fresh pizza
P03 Frozen pizza
P04 Roast pork
P05 Roast beef
P06 Poultry
P07 Fish
P08 Fresh vegetables
P09 Vegetables containing a lot of water
P10 Frozen vegetables
P11 Tarts
P12 Quiche

Programming automatic cooking time based on food weight Display
  • Press the i.png button and then recipefunction1.png to select the cooking guide.
  • P01 flashes in the display.
  • Choose your programme (P01 to P12) depending on the type of food you want to cook by pressing the + or - button and then confirming by pressing start.png.

Example: Fish P07)

  • The minimum weight flashes in the display (here it is 100g).
  • Adjust the weight (for example 200 g) using the + and - buttons.
  • Confirm by pressing start.png.
  • The required programme time is calculated automatically, e.g. 3 minutes 14 seconds). The time is shown in the display.
  • The programme begins.
  • At the mid point of the cooking a long beep sounds and “turn.png” is displayed to tell you to turn the food over.
  • Open the door, turn the food over, close the door and confirm by pressing start.png to continue cooking.





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