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Using the power levels

Details the use and wattage of different power levels.
Power level Use
1000 W / 900 W

Quick reheating of beverages, water and dishes containing a large quantity of liquid.

Cooking dishes containing lots of water (soups, sauces, tomatoes, etc.)

800 W / 700 W Cooking fresh or frozen vegetables.
600 W Melting chocolate.
500 W

Cooking fish and seafood. Reheating on two levels.

Cooking dried vegetables at a low heat. Re-heating or cooking delicate egg-based foods.

400 W / 300 W Cooking dairy products, jams on a low heat.
200 W Manual defrosting. Softening butter, ice cream.
100 W Defrosting pastries containing cream.

Full power of micro-wave oven: 1000 W

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