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Control panel

Details the various microwave oven control panel buttons and meanings such as the AUTO Menu, Setting the Clock, Wt. Time Defrost, and more.

Display Screen
Displays cooking time, power level, indicators and current time.

Programs microwave cooking; or Selects microwave power level.

Programs grill cooking.

Programs convection cooking.

Auto Menu
Allows you to cook or reheat food automatically without entering power level or time.

Micro. + Grill
Combines microwave and grill cooking on three different settings

Micro. + Convection
Combines microwave and convection cooking on four different settings.

Wt./Time Defrost
Defrosts food by either weight or time.

Sets the clock.

Confirms and starts the program; or Starts cooking at 100% microwave power level for 30 seconds (each press increases cooking time by 30 seconds).

Stops the cooking program or clears all previous settings before cooking starts.

Fig. 2 Control panel

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