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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Final Checklist

Lists the final checklist to be completed by the installer to verify safety and an optimal user experience as well as how to test the operation.

2017-08-03_1442.png To be completed by the installer

  • Has all packaging been removed from the appliance?
  • Is the appliance securely fastened to the cabinetry?
  • Does the door open and close properly?
  • Is the appliance level?
  • Have the panels been properly aligned for correct operation and appearance? Are all clearances even?
  • Has the power cord been plugged into a properly earthed 3-prong outlet, which has been installed in accordance with all applicable electrical codes?


  • Turn the power to the oven on. The display should light up and show 0:00.
  • Open door, does oven light come on?
  • Place cup 3⁄4 full of cold water in microwave and set for 30 seconds of operation by pressing the START/ +30 SEC/CONFIRM button once. After 30 seconds is the water warm?
  • Have you demonstrated the basic operation to the customer?

Before you call for service or assistance...

Check the things you can do yourself. Refer to the installation instructions, your User Guide – in particular the troubleshooting section and check that:

  1. your product is correctly installed

  2. you are familiar with its normal operation.

If after checking these points you still need assistance or parts, visit OR for regional service providers.

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