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The Bottom Cabinet Template

Read the instruction on the BOTTOM CABINET TEMPLATE.



It is very important to read and follow the directions in the installation instructions before installation.

This template is used to locate the cabinet bottom bracket holes "a".

  1. Check if your cabinet has a smooth, flat bottom and right size, and tape the template onto the bottom plane of cabinet.
    • Make sure the CENTER LINE of the template is in the middle of the cabinet.
    • Make sure the FRONT EDGE of template is even with the cabinet front edge.
  2. Make marks on the bottom plane of cabinet according to the hole "a" of the template.
    • Do not drill holes in the bottom cabinet
  3. Afterwards, make marks according to the instruction and remove the bottom cabinet template.
  4. After marking holes "a", continue to install according to the Installation Instructions.

Put the template on the cabinet’s bottom panel.


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