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Cooking functions

Only the oven light comes on. It remains on in all the cooking functions.

this is not a cooking function

Only the oven fan comes on. The fan circulates air around the oven, speeding up the defrosting process by approximately 30%. Note: this function is not for cooking food.

The circular heating element and the fan come on. The oven set on FAN FORCED can cook several different foods together. Use FAN FORCED for multi-shelf cooking.

The upper and lower heating elements come on. BAKE is the traditional method of cooking. It is best to cook on only one shelf at a time in this function. Ideal for large cakes and dishes that bake for several hours.

The upper and lower heating elements and the fan come on. Ideal for dishes like lasagne that need to brown on top and also single trays of small cakes or biscuits that bake in less than an hour.

Grill is the most suitable function for ‘finishing off’ many meals, for example browning the top of potato gratin and frittata. Use Grill to toast bread or to grill your favourite chicken, fish and steak. Use with the oven door closed and the temperature set to a maximum of 225°C. For best results, use the topmost shelf position when you want quick browning (eg toast).

A delicious way to cook meat and poultry. The slowly rotating meat is basted continuously in its own juices, making it tender on the inside and well browned and full of flavour on the outside. See ‘Using the rotisserie’.

this is not a cooking function
The oven heats to a high temperature, reducing food residue to a fine ash that can be wiped out with a damp cloth.

Safe food handling: leave food in the oven for as short a time as possible before and after cooking or defrosting.This is to avoid contamination by organisms which may cause food poisoning. Take particular care during warmer weather.

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