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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

First use

Details the various buttons and illuminated symbols you should know the first time you use the cooker.

Fig. 20 Control panel - OR90SDBGFPX

  1. Control buttons
  2. Clock display
  3. Temperature dial
  4. Function dial
  5. Front left (triple-ring wok) burner dial
  6. Rear left (semi-rapid) burner dial
  7. Central (dual) burner dial
  1. Rear right (semi-rapid) burner dial
  2. Front right (triple-ring) burner dial
  3. Function indicator light
  4. Door lock indicator light


 sets the timer

 sets the cooking time

 sets the stop time for automatic cooking

 set the oven temperature /

 select Celsius or Fahrenheit

 decreases the time and temperature

 increases the time and temperature

 sets the Self Clean time

 starts the Self Clean cycle

Fig. 21 Clock display and control buttons

Illuminated symbols

If the display shows

It means that...

For more information



The clock needs to be set.

See instructions below.

steadily lit 

The oven is set for automatic cooking.

See section ‘Automatic cooking

flashing and beeping

Automatic cooking has finished

steadily lit

The timer is set

See section ‘Using the electronic timer

steadily lit

The oven is heating up

See section ‘Using your oven

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