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Cooking functions

Depending on your model, your may only have some of these functions.


Only the oven light comes on. It remains on in all the cooking functions.


The upper and lower heating elements come on. BAKE is the traditional method of cooking. It is best to cook on only one shelf at a time in this function. Ideal for large cakes and dishes that bake for several hours.


The upper and lower heating elements and the fan come on. Ideal for dishes like lasagne that need to brown on top and also single trays of small cakes or biscuits that bake in less than an hour.


Both the grill and the fan come on. Use with the oven door closed and the temperature set to a maximum of 200°C. Ideal for roasting tender cuts of meat and poultry. Use lower shelf positions for larger items eg a whole chicken.


The grill at the top of the oven comes on. Use with the oven door closed. If you set the temperature between 175°C and 225°C, lower it to 175°C or below after 15 minutes. For best results, use the topmost shelf position when you want quick browning (eg toast).

Safe food handling: leave food in the oven for as short a time as possible before and after cooking or defrosting. This is to avoid contamination by organisms which may cause food poisoning. Take particular care during warmer weather.

Notes on baking:

  • Preheat the oven before baking.
  • Do not place anything, including water, ice or aluminium foil on the oven floor.
  • Remove the fat filter before baking (some models only).

Notes on using the fat filter

  • Use the fat filter when roasting meat and poultry on  Fan Bake,  Fan Grill  or  Fan Forced. It helps to keep your oven clean and reduces splatter and smoking.
  • Always clean the fat filter after every use. See ‘Care and cleaning’.
  • Remove the fat filter before baking


Fig. 23 Fat Filter

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