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Oven controls and setting the clock


Buttons Description
sets the timer
sets the cooking time for automatic cooking
sets the stop time for automatic cooking

sets the clock, returns oven to manual mode, cancels automatic cooking

decreases time and beep volume
increases time

Fig. 27 Clock Display and control buttons

Illuminated symbols

If the display shows It means that... For more information
AUTO  flashing with   The clock needs to be set.  See instructions below. 
steadily lit The oven is set for automatic cooking.  See section ‘Automatic cooking’ 
flashing and beeping 

Automatic cooking has finished or has been set incorrectly (the stop time is before the time of day). 

steadily lit The timer is set.  See section ‘Using the electronic timer
flashing and beeping The set time is up.

To set the clock

When the power to the oven is turned on or restored after a power failure,  and AUTO will flash in the display.

  1. Press .
  2. Press  and  until you have the correct time of day.

Oven controls

  1. Select the function using the function knob. The oven lights will come on.

  2. Select the temperature using the temperature control knob. The oven temperature indicator light, above the temperature knob on the control panel, will glow until the oven has reached the set temperature, and then it will go out.

  3. When you have finished cooking, turn the function and temperature control knobs to the off  position.

Press the button if AUTO is flashing or steadily illuminated.

Fig. 28 Function knob

Fig. 29 Temperature knob

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