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Using your gas cooktop


Fig. 18 Cooktop layout

  1. Semi-rapid burner
  2. Triple-ring wok burner
  3. Dual burner

Gas burners

The knob controls the flow of gas through the safety valve.

  •  /OFF     = Closed Valve
  •              = maximuim flow
  •                 = minimum flow

You can choose to cook at any heat between  and , but never between and / OFF.

Fig. 19 Burner control knob

Before using your cooktop

Before using your new cooktop, please:
Read this user guide, taking special note of the ‘Safety and warnings’ section. Switch the power to the cooker on at the wall.
Make sure all burner control knobs are turned off.

Using the gas burners (semi-rapid and triple-ring wok)

  1. Choose the control knob for the burner you want to use.

  2. Press the knob down gently and turn it anticlockwise to the  position. The ignitors on all the burners will spark.
    Hold down the knob for approximately 10 seconds after the burner has lit. Releasing the knob too soon will extinguish the flame.

  3. Adjust the flame anywhere between the  and  positions. Do not adjust the flame between and  /OFF.

    If the burner does not light within 15 seconds, turn the control knob off and wait at least one minute before trying again.

  4. To switch the burner off, turn the knob clockwise until you hear the safety click.

  5. After use, always turn the knobs to the  / OFF position.

Flame failure safety feature

The flame failure probe cuts off the gas supply to the burner if the flame is blown out.
When lighting the burner, hold down the knob for approximately 10 seconds after the burner has lit. Releasing the knob too soon will extinguish the flame.
If the flames are accidentally extinguished, turn off the burner and do not try to light it again for at least one minute (to allow the gas to disperse).

Using the dual gas burners

These burners are very versatile. By controlling the inner crown and the two outer crowns separately, you can use them when you need a small burner or a high-powered one.

Fig. 20 Dual crown burners
  • To use the inner crown only, press down the control knob before turning it, then adjust the flame anywhere between  and . Do not adjust the flame between and  / OFF.
  • To use the inner and outer crowns together, press down the control knob before turning it, then adjust the flame anywhere between  and .

If a burner does not light

Check that:

  • The cooker is plugged in and the electricity is switched on.
  • The gas is turned on.
  • The gas bottle is not empty (if you are using bottled gas).
  • You have held down the knob for at least 10 seconds.
  • The ignitors are sparking. If the ignitors are not sparking, they may be dirty or wet. Clean them with a toothbrush and methylated spirits, as shown in Fig.21.

If the flame is irregular

If the flame is yellow or irregular, check that the burner parts, including the burner cap, are:

Fig. 21 Cleaning the probe and ignitor

Using the cast-iron griddle

  • The griddle is ideal for cooking a variety of foods.
  • We recommend using the griddle on the dual burners only.
  • Heat the griddle for a few minutes before using.
  • To reduce splatter and smoking, brush the food rather than the griddle with oil.
  • Cook steak and chargrilled vegetables at
  • high temperatures on the ribbed part of the griddle.
  • Griddle scones, pancakes, pikelets, polenta and eggs
  • are best cooked slowly at medium to low temperatures on the flat part of the griddle.
  • See ‘Care and cleaning’ for instructions on how to clean your griddle.

Fig. 22 Enamelled cast-iron griddle

Prolonged cooking with the griddle at high temperatures may damage the cooktop.

Matching cookware to burner

Use flat-bottomed pans, and make sure that they match your burner, as shown in the following table. A small pot on a large burner is not efficient.

Diameters of pans which may be used on the cooktop

Burners Minimum Maximum
Semi-rapid 16 cm 24 cm


with only inner crown operating 12 cm 24 cm
with both inner and outer crowns operating 26 cm 28 cm
Triple-ring wok 26 cm 28 cm
Maximum diameter for wok pans: 36 cm

Fig. 23a Correct and incorrect matching

Fig. 23b Efficient and inefficient saucepan bottom


Using the wok stand

Fig. 24 Correct placement of wok stand

  • Place the wok stand as shown.
  • Always use the wok stand for wok cooking. Using a wok without the stand may cause the wok to tip or the burner to operate incorrectly.
  • Do not use the wok stand for ordinary, flat-bottomed saucepans.
  • Only use the wok stand on the dual or triple-ring wok burners.
  • The cooktop becomes very hot during operation. Keep children well out of reach.
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