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About your new cooktop and touch control overview.

Introducing your cooktop

Congratulations on your new purchase. Your Fisher & Paykel induction cooktop is the ultimate in induction cooking, giving you the speed, precision, and simplicity of electronic control, and the easy-care elegance of a ceramic glass surface. For more information, visit our local website listed on the back cover.

A word on induction cooking

Induction cooking is a safe, advanced, efficient, and economical cooking technology. It works by electromagnetic vibrations generating heat directly in the pan, rather than indirectly through heating the glass surface. The glass becomes hot only because
the pan eventually warms it up. This technology has a number of advantages over traditional radiant energy cooking:

  • Heat-up times are much faster.
  • Use is safer as no heating takes place unless a suitable pan is placed on the cooking zone.
  • As heat is transferred without loss, you save energy.

Before using your new cooktop

  • Read this guide, taking special note of the ‘Safety and warnings’ section.
  • Remove any protective film that may still be on your cooktop.

Using the touch controls

  • The controls respond to touch, so you don’t need to apply any pressure.
  • Use the ball of your finger, not its tip.
  • Make sure the controls are always clean, dry, and there is no object (eg a utensil or a cloth) covering them. Even a thin film of water may make the controls difficult to operate.

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