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Final Checklist

Lists the final checklist to be completed by the installer to verify safety and an optimal user experience as well as what to make sure to explain or customers/what you, the consumer, should know before exiting the installation phase.

image.png To Be Completed by The Installer

  • Is the cooktop earthed?
  • Check that there is an adequate and constant flow of cool air from the cabinetry to the base of the cooktop.
  • Check that the power supply cable is not accessible via cupboard doors or drawers and that it is NOT touching the cooktop.
  • Is the cooktop clamped down securely?
  • Check that the pan detection feature is working correctly. Turn on each cooking zone without putting any cookware on them. Are all the displays flashing?
  • Check that all the cooking zones function correctly. Place suitable pans with water in them on each zone, then turn all of them on to a high setting. Is the water heating?
  • Are all touch controls and displays functioning?
  • To check that the ‘hot surface’ indicators function correctly, turn off all the zones. Is H displayed in all the cooking zone displays?
  • Have you demonstrated the basic operation to the customer?

Make sure you explain to the customer about

  1. the importance of taking note of the safety warnings at the beginning of the user guide, especially for persons with pacemakers or other electrical implants.
  2. the ‘hot surface’ indicators.
  3. using induction suitable cookware only.
  4. the pan detection feature.
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