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Connecting the Cooktop to the Mains Power Supply

  • This cooktop must be connected to the mains power supply only by a suitably qualified person.
  • To connect the cooktop to the mains power supply, do not use adapters, reducers, or branching devices, as they can cause overheating and fire.
  • The power supply cable must not touch any hot parts and must be positioned so that its temperature will not exceed 75 oC at any point.
    Check with an electrician whether the domestic wiring system is suitable without alterations. Any alterations must only be made by a qualified electrician.

 Before connecting the cooktop to the mains power supply check that:

  • The domestic wiring system is suitable for the power drawn by the cooktop.
  • The voltage corresponds to the value given in the rating plate
  • The power supply cable sections can withstand the load specified on the rating plate.

Power supply

CI302CTB 3700W@ 220-240V 1N ~ 16A*
CI604CTB 7400W @ 220-240V 1N - 32A
CI704CTB 7400W @ 220-240V 1N - 32A
CI804CTB 7400W @ 220-240V 1N ~ 32A
CI904CTB 7400W @ 220-240V 1N - 32A


*The CI302CTB comes supplied with a cable. This must be wired into a suitably rated plug, permanent connection outlet or power isolator.

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