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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Final Checklist

Lists the final checklist to be completed by the installer to verify safety and an optimal user experience, as well as how to test the operation of your cooktop.

2017-07-26_1052.png To be Completed by the Installer

  • Have you installed the clamping brackets?
  • Have you verified that the type of model (factory-set for NG or converted to LPG) matches the type of gas at the site of installation?
  • Have you used the fibre washer supplied?
  • Have you leak-tested all connections?
  • Is the appliance set to the correct working pressure?
  • Have you affixed the supplied duplicate data plate label on an adjacent surface accessible to the customer?
  • Is the cooktop earthed?
  • Have you checked that the power supply cable is NOT touching the cooktop?


  • Do all burners ignite both individually and in combination?
  • Are the flames consistent and appropriately sized?
  • Have you demonstrated the basic operation to the customer?
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