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Converting to a Different Gas Type


Gas conversion may only be carried out by a suitably qualified and registered person. To convert from one gas type to another you will need to replace the injectors and adjust the minimum burner setting.

Replacing the Injectors

  1. Switch off the power at the wall and ensure the gas supply is shut off at the connection point from the wall.

  1. Remove all pan supports and burners.

  1. Unscrew the injectors and replace with the supplied injectors.
  • Auxiliary, rapid and semi-rapid burners wok burners have 1 injector. Use a 7 mm box spanner.
  • Mini wok burner (CG604DX only) has 1 injector. Use a 7 mm ring spanner
  • Wok burner (CG905DX only) has 3 injectors. Use a 7 mm ring spanner on two of them.

Auxillary, rapid and semi-rapid burners

Wok burner

  1. Replace the burners.

Reset the minimum setting 

  1. Switch on the power at the wall and turn the gas supply on at the connection point from the wall.

  1. Light the burner and set the dial to the minimum (Low) setting.

  1. Pull off the Dial. Under the dial is a plastic bezel. Under this is a rubber gasket.
  • Carefully slide a 2.5 x 45mm Flat head screwdriver down the inside edge of the plastic bezel.
  • Gently push the rubber gasket aside to access the screw below (located in the “5 o’ clock” position).
  • Rotate the screw slowly until a minimum regular flame is achieved.

  1. Replace the dial carefully. Ensure the dial is in the o (off) position. Replace the pan supports.

  1. Check the regulation by quickly turning down the flame from maximum to the minimum setting – it must not go out. If the flame does go out, check the gas pressure has been correctly set
    (step 11) then re-adjust the minimum setting following steps 6-9 above.

Repeat for each burner.

Place the injector label over the existing ‘gas type’ label located on the underside of the product.

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