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Using your cooktop

Includes information on control dials, using the burners, if a burner does not light, cooking guidelines, and more.
Control dials

The dials control the flow of gas through the valve.


Using the burners
  1. Press the selected burner’s dial down gently and turn it anti-clockwise to HIGH.

  • The ignitors on all the burners will spark.

  1. Hold down the dial for about 5 seconds after the burner has lit. Releasing the dial too soon will extinguish the flame.
  2. Adjust the flame anywhere between HIGH and LOW. Do not adjust between HIGH and O (OFF).
  3. After use, always turn the dials to O (OFF).


Pressing down then turning the control dial

If a burner does not light

Turn the control dial to O (OFF) and wait at least 1 minute before trying again. This
is to allow the gas to disperse. If after trying again the burner still does not light, check that:

  • the cooktop is plugged in and the power supply is switched on
  • there is no power failure in your home or neighborhood
  • the gas is turned on
  • the gas bottle is not empty (if you use bottled gas)
  • the ignitors are sparking. If they are not sparking, they may be dirty or wet. Clean them with a toothbrush and methylated spirits, as shown in below. See ‘Care and cleaning’ for instructions on removing and replacing the burner parts.


Cleaning the ignitor and probe

If the flame is irregular

Check that the burner parts (flame spreader and burner cap) are:


Burner parts


Correct assembly
of burner parts


Incorrect assembly of burner parts, resulting in irregular flames

If there is a power failure
  • You can still use your cooktop.
  • Light the burners by holding a match close to the side of the burner and turning the control dial to HIGH. Wait until the flame is burning evenly before adjusting.
If the flame is accidentally extinguished

The flame failure protection will automatically cut the gas supply to the burner off. Turn the corresponding dial to O (OFF) and do not try to relight it for at least 1 minute (to allow the gas to disperse).

Cooking guidelines
  • Never leave the cooktop unattended when in use. Boilover causes smoking and greasy spills that may ignite.
  • Take care when deep-frying: oil or fat can overheat very quickly, particularly on a high setting.
  • Start cooking on a high setting. When food comes to the boil, reduce the setting and maintain a steady heat to cook your food thoroughly. Doing this will reduce the cooking time.
  • Using a lid will reduce cooking times through retaining the heat.
  • Minimise the amount of liquid or fat to reduce cooking times.


  • Use saucepans with thick flat bases. Food in a saucepan with an uneven base will take longer to cook.
  • Do not let large saucepans or frying pans overlap the bench, as this can deflect heat onto your benchtop and damage its surface.
  • Always make sure saucepans are stable. Using very heavy saucepans may bend the pan supports or deflect the flame.
  • Make sure the size of the pan matches the size of the burner. A small pot on a large burner is not efficient.The following table shows the minimum and maximum saucepan base diameters that may be used on each burner:


Minimum Diameter

Maximum Diameter








regular pans



woks (with wok stand)



 Using a wok
  • Use your wok only on a wok burner and with the supplied wok stand.
  • Make sure the wok does not push any other pans aside. This could make them unstable, or deflect heat onto nearby walls or the benchtop.

Make sure that the wok stand is stable: its notches need to fit tightly on the grating.


To purchase additional wok stands, contact Customer Care.


Using the supplied wok stand 

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