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Cooking guidelines and cookware

Cooking guidelines

  • Never leave the cooktop unattended when in use. Boilover causes smoking and greasy spills that may ignite.
  • Take care when deep-frying: oil or fat can overheat very quickly, particularly on a high setting.
  • Using a lid will reduce cooking times through retaining the heat.
  • Minimise the amount of liquid to reduce cooking times.


  • Use saucepans with thick flat bases.
  • Do not let large saucepans or frying pans overlap the bench, as this can deflect heat onto your benchtop and damage its surface.
  • Always make sure saucepans are stable by centring them over the burner.
  • Make sure the size of the pan matches the size of the burner. A small pot on a large burner is not efficient.The following table shows the minimum and maximum saucepan base diameters that may be used on each burner:
Burner Minimum Diameter Maximum Diameter
Auxilary N/A 22 cm
Semi-rapid N/A 22 cm
Rapid  N/A 22 cm
Dual Wok (regular pans without small pan support) 20 cm 40 cm (GBIE only: 28 cm)
Dual Wok (woks with wok stand) N/A 45 cm
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