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Using your cooktop


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1. Identify the dial of the burner you want to use.

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2. Press down (a) then turn anti-clockwise to High (b).

  • The halo will glow red. The halo’s of the other burners will glow white.
  • The ignitors will start clicking as they spark.
  • If there is no clicking, there is no spark to light the burner. If the burner fails to light turn the dial back to off (o) and see ‘Troubleshooting’.

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3. After the burner has lit, keep the dial held down for three more seconds (a), then release.

  • You may now adjust the flame anywhere between High and Low (b).
  • Do not adjust or leave the dial between High and Off (o).


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4. When you have finished cooking, turn the dial clockwise back to Off (o).

  • The halo will turn white, or if all the other dials are in the Off (o) position, all the halos will go out.
  • Check that the burner has gone out.
  • Before leaving the kitchen, check that all burners have been turned off (all of the halos have gone out).


Adjusting the flame on the dual work burner 

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  1. Always start out on High. Both rings of flame will be on in the shaded setting range.

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  1. To use the inner ring of flames only, continue turning the dial towards Low. Only the inner ring will be on in the shaded setting range.

When turned all the way down, the outer ring may appear to come and go. If this occurs, adjust the dial slightly back towards High for a stable outer ring.

  • If a dial halo is red, the dial is not in the ‘OFF’ position. Ensure that the burner has ignited or turn the dial back to the OFF position.
  • A white halo indicates that another burner dial has been turned on.
  • When all the dials are in the ‘OFF’ position, all the halos will turn off.

Turn the burner off (o) and see ‘Troubleshooting’ for what to do next if you experience any of the following:

  • There’s a strong gas smell.
  • The flame has been blown out by a draught or extinguished by a spill and does not re-ignite.
  • There is no clicking/sparking or there is clicking/sparking, but a burner or burners won’t light.
  • The flames don’t burn all the way around a burner, or some flames flicker.
  • The flame is yellow or yellow-tipped rather than blue.
  • The flames are too large, small, irregular, noisy or lift away from the burner.

Wok cooking

Use your wok only on the dual wok burner and with the supplied wok stand in place, as shown.

  • Make sure that the wok stand is stable: its notches need to fit tightly over the pan supports, as shown.
  • Make sure the wok does not push any other pans aside. This could make them unstable, or deflect heat onto nearby walls or the benchtop.


Dual burner illustrated

Small pan support

Use the supplied small pan support to keep small diameter pans stable.

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