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Cooking guidelines and cookware

Cooking guidelines

  • Never leave the cooktop unattended when in use. Boilover causes smoking and greasy spills that may ignite.
  • Take care when deep-frying: oil or fat can overheat very quickly, particularly on a high setting
  • Start cooking on a high setting. When food comes to the boil, reduce the setting and maintain a steady heat to cook your food thoroughly. Doing this will reduce the cooking time.

  • Using a lid will reduce cooking times through retaining the heat.

  • Minimize the amount of liquid to reduce cooking times.



  • Use saucepans with thick flat bases. Food in a saucepan with an uneven base will take longer to cook.

  • Do not let large saucepans or frying pans overlap the bench, as this can deflect heat onto your benchtop and damage its surface.

  • Always make sure saucepans are stable. Using very heavy saucepans may bend the pan supports or deflect the flame.

  • Make sure the size of the pan matches the size of the burner. A small pot on a large burner is not efficient.The following table shows the minimum and maximum saucepan base diameters that may be used on each burner:

Burner Minimum Ø Maximum Ø
Semi-rapid 12 cm -
Rapid 18 cm 26 cm
Wok regular pans 18 cm 26 cm
woks - 45 cm
Auxiliary 12 cm  

 Using a wok – models with wok burner

  • Use your wok only on a wok burner.

  • On CG604CWC, CG604DWFC, and CG905DWFC models, a wok must always be used with the wok stand supplied. See Fig.18.

  • The centre pan support of CG905DWAC models is shaped to take a traditional wok with a round base, but you may also use a wok stand for extra stability (not supplied, purchased optionally).

  • Make sure the wok does not push any other pans aside. This could make them unstable, or deflect heat onto nearby walls or the benchtop.


Make sure that the wok stand is stable: its notches need to fit tightly on the grating.


To purchase additional wok stands, contact Customer Care.

fig 18.png
Fig. 18 Using wok stand on CG905DWF and CG604DWF models
(not supplied but purchased optionally for CG905DAWC models)

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