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Fisher & Paykel Product Help


Before using the cooktop for the first time read this user guide.


  1. Semi - rapid burner
  2. Rapid burner
  3. Min wok burner
  4. Dual Wok burner
  5. Auxiliary burner
  6. Control dials
  7. Stainless steel strip

Before using the cooktop for the first time

  1. Wipe the glass surface with a clean damp cloth.
  2. Check that the pan supports are all in place and stable, and the flame spreaders, burner caps and rings are all seated correctly.
  3. Check that the installer has completed the ‘Final checklist’ in the Installation instructions.

The drawing opposite is for illustration purposes only. The location of burner components varies, and some models do not have the dual wok burner.


Support for small pans

To keep small diameter pans stable
Wok stand

Always use when cooking with a wok!
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