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Fisher & Paykel Product Help


Details various problems, causes, and solutions for certain issues that might come up with your cooktop.
Problem Possible Cause What to do

Cooking zones cannot be turned on.

No power.

Make sure the cooktop is connected to the power supply and that it is switched on at the wall. Check whether there is a power outage in your home or area. If you’ve checked everything and the problem persists, call your Authorised Repairer or Customer Care.

Cooking zones seem to turn themselves off and on during use.

They cycle off and on to maintain the selected setting or prevent the glass from overheating.

This is normal and needs no action.

There is a metal sheen on
the glass.

Cookware with copper or aluminium base.

See ‘Care and cleaning’.

The glass is being scratched.

Rough-edged cookware.

Use cookware with flat and smooth bases. See ‘Cooking guidelines’.

Unsuitable, abrasive scourer being used. See ‘Care and cleaning’.

Cooking zones cannot be turned off.

Technical fault.

Switch the power to the cooktop off at the wall and call your Authorised Repairer or Customer Care.

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