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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

User preference settings

You can set your oven to:

  • display the temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • give audio feedback (tones and beeps) or operate quietly
  • display time as 12-hr or 24-hr
  • operate with the display off
  • have its lights on or off during cooking
  • operate in Sabbath setting (see ‘Sabbath setting’ following).

You cannot change the user preference settings when you oven is operating or set for automatic cooking.

How to change preference settings

1. Check the oven function dial is set to OFF and that the display shows the time of day.

  • If you’re unsure, press the cancel button twice.

2. Press and hold the scroll  buttons together for 3 seconds to enter the user preference menu.

3. Press the right scroll  button to scroll to the setting you want to change. Refer to the following table.

4. Press the select button to select the particular setting.

  • The display will flash.

5.  Press the right scroll  button to scroll through the options for that particular setting. Refer to the table below.

6. Press the select button to save new option.
7. For all options except ‘Display off’ : press the cancel  button to quit the user preference menu.

Setting Default Option Alternative Option(s)

Time Scale & ‘Display Off’ Option

Select between 24-hr or 12-hr clock display (and set the clock) or set ‘Display off’ option if you only need the basic functionalities of your oven.

24 HR

12 HR

Display Off **

Temperature Scale

Select between degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.


Audio Feedback

Turn the beeps and tones on or off.*

Beeps/Tones On
Beeps/Tones Off

Oven Lights

Have the light off during cooking if you want to save power or want the food you cook to be a surprise for others.

Lights on During Cooking
Lights Off During Cooking
Sabbath Setting Sabbath See ‘Sabbath setting’ for instructions.

* The timer tone and alert beeps will sound even if you save the BEEPS/TONES OFF option.

** With this option saved, you can still use the oven, except the display will remain unlit.
Any automatic or timer functions will be cancelled when this option is selected.
To quit this option and enable the display, press and hold the cancel  button.

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