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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Using your appliance

Setting and adjusting the time 

  • After connecting your appliance or after a long period without it being connected to the mains, the “2017-06-29_1516.png” button will flash on the display.
To set the time on the clock  Display 
  • Set the time using the + and - buttons then validate by pressing the 2017-06-26_1340.png button. 
When the time has to be changed  Display 
  • Press the2017-06-26_1346.png button then press 2017-06-26_1348.png twice. The time will flash. Program the new time (e.g. 7:30) using the + and - buttons.
  • Validate by pressing 2017-06-26_1349.png .
  • A beep will be emitted to confirm that the new time has been set. 

Adjusting the contrast 

Programming  Display 
  • Press the 2017-06-26_1353.png button then a few seconds later press 2017-06-26_1355.png , until the indication -CO- appears on the display.
  • Adjust the contrast using the + or - buttons and validate with the 2017-06-26_1356.png button. 

Timer Function

Programming  Display 
  • You can program the “Timer” function of your oven. Press the 2017-06-26_1402.png button then 2017-06-26_1403.png .
  • Adjust the programming time using the - / + buttons, for example 1 minute. Validate by pressing 2017-06-26_1404.png . The display shows the time again but the countdown starts.
  • Once the time has ended, the timer emits a series of beeps to warn you. These beeps can be stopped by pressing any button. 



Immediate Steaming 

Your oven has 8 steaming functions: 


  • In all cases, do not start the oven without water in the tank. 

 Cooking with immediate start and timer programmed at 100°C: 

Programming  Display 
  • Press the 2017-06-26_1413.png button then the + button to select the required function, here 2017-06-26_1414.png , (100°C).
  • Validate using the 2017-06-26_1415.png button to access adjustment of the cooking time. 

Setting the cooking time if necessary: 

  • 2017-06-26_1418.png flashes (pre-programmed time).
  • Adjust by pressing the + or - buttons. E.g.: 30 minutes 
  • Validate by pressing the 2017-06-26_1419.png button. 

Adjusting the temperature 

  • Press the 2017-06-26_1421.png button, "2017-06-29_1515.png " flashes. 
  • Adjust by pressing the - button to change the temperature.
  • E.g.: 80°C
  • Make sure that your door is properly closed.
  • Validate your choice by pressing the 2017-06-26_1423.png button then press the same button again to start the cooking.
  • Your oven will start up and count down minute by minute.
  • If necessary, stop the cooking by pressing 2017-06-26_1425.png for one second. 





  • This appliance is designed to operate with the door closed. 


  • In order not to alter the cooking results, do not open the door of the appliance during cooking. 


Pre-programmed cooking times for the different functions 

Cooking Temperature °C 

Pre-programmed time 

Minimum adjustment time 

Maximum adjustment time 

2017-06-26_1509.png 100

25 min 5 min 1 hour 
2017-06-26_1513.png 85 15 min 5 min  1 hour 
2017-06-26_1514.png 75 15 min  5 min  1 hour 
2017-06-26_1515.png 90 20 min  5 min  1 hour 
2017-06-26_1516.png 95 30 min 5 min  1 hour 
2017-06-26_1517.png 80 15 min 5 min  1 hour 
2017-06-26_1517.png 55 30 min  5 min  1 hour 
2017-06-26_1518.png 60 30 min 5 min  1 hour 

Shutdown during cooking 

  • At any time, you can stop cooking by pressing the 2017-06-26_1520.png button (hold it down for around 1 second).
  • If the steam generation has not yet started (around 1 minute), the oven will stop immediately and the time will disappear.
  • If the steam generation has already started, the time changes to 3 minutes and a countdown will start, with the steam being evacuated prior to opening. 

At the end of cooking 

  • 000.png flashes. Emission of intermittent beeps for 3 minutes.
  • To stop the beeps, press the 2017-06-26_1520.png button or open the door. 
  • The tank MUST be emptied.  

Water Management  

In the event of a problem connected with the water circuit during cooking, the 2017-06-26_1524.png symbol flashes and a beep sounds. This fault is connected with:

  • an empty tank.
  • an incorrectly fitted tank. 
  • After checking these two points, close the door again and restart cooking by pressing the 2017-06-26_1527.png button. 

Programmed cooking

Delayed cooking with end of cooking time selected: 
Delayed cooking is possible in all cases except for the defrost functions: 

Programming  Display 
  • The procedure is the same as for immediate cooking then, after validating the cooking time,
  • Press the 2017-06-26_1532.png, button twice. The end of cooking time is displayed and flashes to show that adjustment is now possible.
  • For example: It is 12:30.
  • You have programmed a cooking time of 25 min. The end of cooking time displayed is 12:55.
  • Adjust the end of cooking time by pressing the + or - buttons
  • For example: End of cooking 14:00.
  • Validate by pressing the 2017-06-26_1532.png button.
  • An animation takes place intermittently after a few minutes, indicating that delayed cooking is in progress.
  • After these actions, the start of heating is delayed so that the cooking ends at 14:00.
  • At the end of cooking (end of programmed time), The oven shuts down
  • The cooking time indicator flashes at 0:00.
  • A series of beeps is emitted for several minutes. These beeps can be definitively stopped by pressing the 2017-06-26_1534.png button.
  • The display shows the time of day. 



  • At any time you can view or modify the end of cooking by pressing the 2017-06-26_1541.png button. To cancel your programming if you wish, press the 2017-06-26_1543.png button.

Child Safety 

You can program the “CHILD SAFETY” function to prevent unauthorised start-up of your oven. 

Programming  Display 
  • With the oven switched off,
  • Press the 2017-06-26_1546.png button
  • Then the 2017-06-26_1546.png button for 5 seconds.
  • Two beeps are emitted to confirm that your oven is temporarily locked.
  • An indication 2017-06-26_1547.png appears at the top left of the display. No program is now available.
  • To cancel:
  • Press the 2017-06-26_1546.png button for 5 seconds. The indication 2017-06-26_1547.png disappears and the clock is displayed.
  • Two beeps are emitted to confirm the procedure. 




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