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If you have a doubt about the correct functioning of your oven, this does not necessarily mean that there is a malfunction. In any event, check the following items:

Problem Possible causes What to do
The oven is not heating

The oven is not connected to the power supply.

- Your fuse is out of order.

- The selected temperature is too low.

Make sure that the oven is connected to the power supply.

Replace the fuse in your electrical set-up and check its capacity (16A).

Increase the selected temperature.

The oven light is not working. The light is out of order. Call Customer Care.
Your oven starts beeping.

During cooking.

- At the end of a cooking cycle.

The recommended temperature of your choice has been reached. - Your programmed cooking cycle is finished.
The cooling fan continues to operate after the oven stops. - The fan should work for a maximum of one hour after cooking, or when the oven temperature is greater than 125°C.

If it does not stop after 1 hour, open the oven door to accelerate the cooling down of the oven
Call Customer Care.


Repairs to your appliance should only be performed by professionals. Non-standard repairs can be a source of danger for the user.

Error Code Meaning
F01.png Probe error (oven centre)
F02.png Overheated oven
F05.png Other cooking problems
F10.png Information: Power cut during cooking
AUTO.png Auto Stop: cooking time too long
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