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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Care and cleaning

Cleaning the outer surfaces

To clean both the electronic programmer window and the oven door, use a window washing product applied to a soft cloth. Do not use abrasive creams or scouring sponges.

Cleaning the inside of the door

Disassembling the door

Before removing the glass window,

  • Open the door completely and block it open using the two red stops. They are supplied with your oven in the plastic pack.

  • To remove the frame and glass assembly, proceed as follows:
    Insert the two red stops in the A slots designed for this.

  • Lever the assembly to detach the frame and the glass.

  • Remove the frame and the glass.

  • Remove all the door’s interior windows by rotating them.​​​​​​
    This assembly comprises 2 glass windows, the 1st of which has 2 rubber stops on the 2 front corners.
  • Clean the glass using a soft sponge and washing-up liquid.
  • Do not soak the window in water.
  • Do not use abrasive creams or scouring sponges. Rinse with clean water and dry off with a lint-free wiper.

  • After cleaning, replace the 1st glass in the door.
  • Reposition the 2 black rubber stops on the front corners of the 2nd glass, making sure that the it says:
    at top left: L
    at top right: R

Then replace the door and the 2nd glass, positioning it on the first.

  • Place the glass frame assembly back in the door.
  • Take care to correctly slot the frame under the spigot next to the hinge.

  • the frame by tightening it with the door.


Do not press on the frame alone.

 Your appliance can now be used again.


Do not use abrasive cleaning products or hard metallic scrapers for cleaning the oven’s glass door, as they could scuff the surface and cause the glass to shatter.

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