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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Instant cooking

The programmer should display only the time. It should not be flashing.
Press the i.png button, then select your cooking program using the + and - buttons.

Example: TRADITIONAL, shelf support 1 or 2, 200 °C recommended.

Place your dish in the oven based on the recommendation indicated in the display. – Confirm by pressing start.png.
The oven begins heating.

Your oven recommends the optimum temperature for the chosen cooking mode.
It is, however, possible to adjust the temperature.
After you have chosen your cooking program, press the temp.png button and adjust the temperature using the + and - buttons, then confirm by pressing the start.png button.

Example: 220 °C



The temperature rise indicator is activated and indicates the temperature increase in the oven. A series of beeps will sound when the oven reaches the selected temperature.

To stop cooking, press the i.png button.

  • After a cooking cycle, the cooling fan continues to operate for a period of time in order to ensure optimum oven reliability.
  • All types of cooking are done with the door closed.
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