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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Making espresso coffee with pre-ground coffee

  1. Press the  icon (B4) (fig. 7) and select the pre-ground coffee function.
  2. Extract the machine by pulling it outwards using the handles.
  3. Lift the central lid, place one measure of preground coffee in the funnel (fig. 19), push the appliance in then proceed as described in the section “Making coffee using coffee beans”.

You can make just one coffee at a time by pressing the  icon (B10) (fig. 12). 

  1. After using the machine with pre-ground coffee, to go back to making coffee using beans, deactivate the pre-ground coffee function by pressing the  icon (B4) (fig. 7).
  • Never introduce pre-ground coffee when the machine is off or it could spread through the inside of the appliance.
  • Never add more than 1 measure, otherwise the appliance will not make the coffee.
  • Use the measure provided only.
  • Introduce only pre-ground coffee for espresso coffee machines into the funnel.
  • If more than one measure of pre-ground coffee is used and the funnel clogs, push the coffee down with a knife (fig. 21) then remove and clean the brewing unit and machine as described in the “Cleaning the brewing unit” section.


Delivering hot water

  • Always make sure the appliance is ready.
  • Turn the cappuccino maker outwards and place a container underneath (fig. 5).
  • Press the  icon (B13) (fig. 20). The appliance displays: “HOT WATER PRESS OK”. Press the OK icon (B9) again and hot water is delivered from the cappuccino maker into the container underneath. You should not deliver hot water for more than 2 minutes at a time. To interrupt, press the  icon (B13) or the ESC icon (B6). The appliance stops delivery once the set quantity is reached.

Changing the quantity of hot water

The machine is set by default to automatically delivery 200 ml of hot water. To change these quantities, proceed as follows:

  1. Place a container underneath the cappuccino maker (fig. 3)
  2. Press the  icon (B2) to enter the menu (fig. 15) or press the  icons (B7) and (B8) (fig. 2) until “PROGRAM HOT WATER” is displayed.
  3. Press the OK icon (B9) to confirm.
  4. Select the required quantity of water by pressing the  icons (B7) and (B8). The progress bar shows the quantity of water selected.
  5. Press the OK icon (B9) to confirm (or the ESC icon (B6) to cancel the operation.
  6. Press the ESC icon (B6) (fig. 18) twice to exit the menu. The appliance is now reprogrammed with the new settings and is ready.
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